About Kalyana Wines

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We are committed to sustainability.

We have high regard for responsible stewardship of our public lands.

We invite you to join our efforts to protect the lands we harvest from. 

Our Story

Kalyana wines represent a belief that through careful stewardship and preservation of our land, the land will return an abundance of beautiful fruit at harvest. We proudly produce delicious, premium wines crafted with the future of our Earth in mind.

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Our mission

As a California Certified Sustainable Vineyard and Winery, we honor the lands we harvest from by producing beautiful wines through sustainable practices. Our mission is to reduce our impact on the environment through simple and effective practices:

Repurposing Grape Pomace

Improves soil health and water retention in the vineyards

Cultivating Native Grasses

Maintains an ecological balance to naturally control vineyard pests

Recycling 10 Million Gallons of Water

Water from our production facility is recycled to irrigate the vineyards

Homes for Predatory Birds

Owl boxes and raptor perches are located throughout our vineyards to help pest management of starlings, gophers and ground squirrels

Recycled Organic Hydrolyzed Fertilizer

Distributing fertilizers through a drip irrigation system eliminates the need for tractor application; resulting in less impact to the soil and diesel emissions in the air

Our Roots

All of our grapes are grown in California’s beautiful and diverse Central Coast AVA. Learn more about this appellation and its influence on our wine quality below:

The Central Coast Appellation encompasses 280 miles spanning from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Santa Barbara. There is a wide variety of topography within the appellation, including deep canyons, mountain ranges and sloping hillsides. 

The Central Coast Appellation features a wide array of soil types and elevations. Our vineyards boast unique soil profiles, such as gravely and sandy loam, with different rock compositions that affect how the vines grow. Elevations that our vineyards are planted on span from 260-1,000 feet.

 The Central Coast Appellation benefits from the marine influence of the Pacific Ocean, allowing cool climate varietals like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to thrive. The overall temperate climate makes it suitable, though, for many different varietals.